Ahoy all!

Just to clarify on the last post regarding the hiatus before Chapter Ten begins and the change in plans: Eric, Rick, and I spoke on the phone today to take stock of where we stand. This was crucial because, as of today, we have wired 50% of the fee for the print runs on the three editions of the Volume I trade, the Pocket Guide, and the Script Book. Or, to put it another way, if we were committed before, there’s absolutely no going back now.

One of the results of the Kickstarter’s success (I’m looking at you, yes, you, you know who you are), was that we ended up going from one book to three of them. As we stated in the campaign, the Volume I trade is 95% completed, if not 99%. Eric is tweaking the InDesign layouts, and Rick is still noodling corrections; we need to slot the pin-ups, as the number of them keeps shifting; and I have to write some more of Edwin’s self-congratulatory prose. But that book, it’s pretty close to locked.

The Scriptbook and the Pocket Guide are other matters entirely. In the case of the former, we obviously have the scripts, but the annotations still need to be made. And the Pocket Guide, well, that’s 100% (or 98%) original content, and it has to be written, assembled tweaked, and then the bells and whistles need to be added.

(As far as that goes, we’ve retained the services of Eric Trautmann to handle the design of the Pocket Guide. I’ve worked with him for years – he’s been my editor on two novels, my co-writer on countless comics, and a generally giant brain and talent that I’ve turned to in my hour of need; to whit, it was Eric who helped create the Montoya Journals back when I did The Five Books of Blood for DC Comics. What I’m saying is, the Pocket Guide? Yeah, it’s gonna look sweet.)

Add to this the various other things that have come out of the Kickstarter Campaign, and I pretty much made an executive decision this morning that we’d take a three-week break now, between Chapters Nine and Ten, to make certain what needed to get done will be done. Our hope is to keep updating here at the site as we move forward, show some of the work in progress and the like. We’ll resume our regular schedule following San Diego ComicCon.

Thanks for your patience and your forbearance.

Hold fast!