Apologies for the long silence on the Process and other updates, my friends. I am living under many deadline guns at the moment, and more and more of them seem to be locked and loaded with each passing week. Hopefully, I’ll be up for air in another month or so, and we’ll be resuming the social aspects of Lady Sabre, including Almanac, Good Stuff, and Process posts.

If you do find yourself looking for more to read, and in particular, looking to understand the ins and outs of comics as a business, and the potential of not only web-comics but also digital comice, I sincerely urge you all to go over to Mark Waid’s site, bookmark it, subscribe, whatever you choose, and start reading. Mark is, without question, one of the most experienced, most talented, and smartest professionals the comic book industry has ever seen, and he’s got more experience under his belt on all sides of the business than 99.9% of the rest of us. He knows of what he speaks, and while agreeing with him isn’t a requisite, knowing why you disagree with him is crucial.

Not to overstate this, but what Mark is doing is worth your attention, and I urge everyone to read his blog.

And, hey, he’s offering a free comic for download, too.

Hold fast!