So, Eric sent me an email a little before 5pm Pacific time Monday with this link from YouTube.

Which pretty much describes what all of us are feeling right about now.

You guys… the fact that we’ve reached our fundraising goal in UNDER EIGHT HOURS, that’s in very large part due to you. It’s due to your support, your retweets, your link sharing, your energy.

We cannot thank you enough. We cannot express how overwhelmed, and how delighted, we are with your support.

We will be unveiling our stretch goals over the next couple of days. The first one has already been achieved, and it’s one that EVERYONE will get. Paper Artisan Extraordinaire Linda Candello is making a set of Lady Sabre Paper Dolls. This is two sheets, currently planned as one with Her Ladyship and a couple outfits, and a second sheet with more outfits, bells, and whistles. These will now be included with every physical copy of the book, as well as being included in PDF form with the All Digital, All the Time package at $20.

This was our first goal, and we were gonna be all coy about it, and you guys just BLASTED through it.

Second stretch will be something that we’ve wanted to do since the start. It will unlock at $50,000.

We think you’ll like it.

Once again, and from the heart, Eric, Rick, and I thank you. We quite sincerely, and quite literally, wouldn’t be where we are now without your help.

Hold fast!