Not really, but I’ve always wanted to title a post like that.

So, update — working on the next batch of script for Rick. I had fallen behind due to deadlines, which I should be able to manage, being an approximation of an adult, and due to my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, which was it’s own enormous undertaking. She stuck the landing, by the way, thanks for asking 😉

Then I caught a cold. Vicious evil bug that seems to be roaring its way through Portland right now. I don’t know anyone here in town who hasn’t had it themselves, or hasn’t had a family member felled by it.

All this to say, yes, I am behind. Rick will be getting script from me this coming week, which means — being Rick — we’ll likely be resuming on the 29th, at which point we should be squared away for the epilogue and then onto the beginning of Book Two…

…which means those of you who are making appearances, whatever color your shirt, keep an eye open for a missive from Doc. We’ll need some reference!

Wishing you all well, and as ever, thankful for your patience.

Hold fast!