Well… sort of. The new year has begun with the kind of portentous rumble I normally associate with the spinning-up of jet turbines, to be honest, and already there’s some significant pressure disturbances in the immediate area.

Which is another way of saying, patience, I beg you. The much-anticipated Drake (and Drum) Almanac piece is still under construction (as an aside, you have any idea how difficult it is to emulate the prose style of the penny-dreadfuls?), as well as the next Good Stuff (I’m looking at you, Hunter Black), both of which I’m hoping to have finished in the next week or two, roughly coinciding with the beginning of Chapter Four. As far as that goes, it looks like Chapter Four will round out our first trade, about which there will be more to say in the coming weeks.

And the problem is, ya see, that the reason I’ve been busy I honestly cannot talk about. I just cannot talk about it. It’s that kind of vaporware project. But ohhh… if it flies, if it takes wing and actually flies… yes, then you will hear much. Then you will hear all.

Hold fast!