We just posted a new update over at the Kickstarter campaign, unveiling our next (last?) set of stretch goals. Every morning I wake up and I look at how the campaign is going and I get on the phone with Rick and Eric, and well kinda… just mumble for a bit about how stunned we are by the support we’ve received.

These new Stretch Goals are pretty swank, in our opinion. Please take a look and spread the word about them if you can.

At 90K – A Better Book For All – This is an across-the-board alteration to the Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether Vol. I trade. If we make this goal, we will increase the thickness of the covers to make them more substantial; move to a higher paper weight on the endpapers, and also be printing these in color; and we’ll improve the interior paper weight to better hold art and reproduce said color.

At 100K – The Cartographer’s Craft

At 110K – Rick 2.0

At 120K – Deckplans

We’ve also been trying to direct some support to other projects that we’re finding particularly interesting or invested in. I’ve talked about the AR-K Campaign a fair amount, the video game I’m writing with Gato Salvaje Studios in Spain. It’s an adventure-puzzle game with a – surprise! – female lead who, while not quite as fabulous as our own Lady S, can certainly hold her own.

Additionally, Rick’s doing the cover art for the new Dirigible Days project, which is now very close to funding. The Dirigible Days crew feel very much like brothers-in-arms to us, and not solely because we share a love of pirates, steampunk, and flying frigates. If you haven’t seen what they do, you by all means should, and consider giving them some Lady Sabre love.

You guys… you guys…

…you guys are amazing.

Hold fast!