Seneca Sabre

Seneca Sabre

Excerpt from Born to Reign: Being a Guide to The Allyrian Nobility, Vol. IV, by J. Carrington Muth, S.O.R.

…of the marriage, the eldest Seneca, named so after Lady Bryce’s grandmother, the Marchioness of Cascadia. Born IV.E. 871, there is little public record of her early years, though she is thought to have accompanied her father to Aether at a young age, and it is understood that it was the Lord Captain himself who taught his daughter to hand, reef, and steer. She is known to have been aboard the fourth-rate H.M.S Venture at the Battle of the Storms in IV.E. 882, and is listed as Midshipman in dispatches from H.M.S. Dominant for “extraordinary gallantry under harshest conditions” following the defense of New Bastion in IV.E. 885 as part of the three-ship Gallant Force (two fourth-rates, the afore-mentioned Dominant as well as H.M.S. Revenge, lead by the third-rate Gallant) commanded by her father, about whom I have written of at length elsewhere.

Returning to Allyria in late winter IV.E. 885, her Ladyship resided at the ancestral home in Cascadia, where she remained for much of the next year, presumably in mourning for her father. Beginning in spring IV.E 887 until autumn of IV.E 889, she is known to have traveled abroad, throughout Odom and the Far West. Rumors of a scandal in Hollern concerning First von Kater and his bride-to-be, as well as the disappearance of a Mickten Clockwork, continue to persist to this day.

In IV.E 891, Lady Sabre petitioned for and was granted a Letter of Marque and Reprisal. Her ship, the third-rate Pegasus, made sail from Leigh in spring IV.E 892, and within the first year of her license returned to the Rose for ransom, condemnation, and sale no less than sixteen vessels, including the Fueille Man-of-War Tonnerre, and the Hollern ship-of-the-line, Courage.

Personal details about her Ladyship are vague. She is known to be an accomplished fencer and sailor, presumably taught by Lord Sabre himself. She is said to be fluent in some half-dozen languages, a virtuoso violinist, a minor practitioner of the Arcane (talent as inherited from the Marchioness), a collector of clockworks and antiquities of Aether-taken civilizations, and is further rumored to be the author of the scandalous (some have called them “pornographic”) Red Sail series of penny dreadfuls, written under the pen name “Quill.”

Her whereabouts as of this writing are unknown.