Greg Rucka & Rick Burchett (art by Rick Burchett)

Rick Burchett and Greg Rucka are fond of saying that they were separated at birth…by twenty years and half a continent. Introduced to one another by the great writer and editor Denny O’Neil, the two have worked together off and on for over a decade. What began as a professional relationship very quickly turned into a sincere friendship as the two discovered multiple shared passions, including a love of the pulps, westerns, James Bond, old British comedies, amongst many others. Their only true point of divergence is in Rick’s love of baseball, while Greg is a devotee of football (he hates calling it soccer).

Between them, they’ve earned some half-dozen Eisner awards for their work in comics on such titles as The Batman and Robin Adventures, Gotham Central, Queen & Country, and Whiteout: Melt. Their passion for the medium, and their frustrations with the mainstream, has lead to multiple attempts at ‘outside’ projects in the past. Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether is the inevitable outgrowth of this, wedding their love of old-time pulps and serials with their dedication to emotionally honest, and genuinely fun, comics.

Rick and Greg can be contacted via email at and, you guessed it,