These are subjective scenes, now, as told by West, his narrative. Not sure if we want to alter the palette to reflect that or… eh?

We’re back on the rooftop from the end of Chapter 13, looking past SABRE as she sits between LIGHT and STONE. Angle down to where DRUM and DRAKE are now clapping the irons around PAYNE’S wrists.

1. CAPTION/West: “…just prior to Mister Payne’s arrest at the hands
of Marshall Drake and Deputy Drum.”

2. CAPTION/Giselle: “I know about that, West.”

On SABRE, hand on her belly, wincing as she continues to bleed.

LIGHT and STONE are on either side of her, watching the activity below, still greatly amused.

3. CAPTION/West: “Then you can enlighten me when it’s your turn,
Giselle, but for now, shut your mouth with some
food and open your ears. You’re the one who
4. CAPTION/West: “So she’d taken the steel, and you can add to that
smoke from the fire that took Pegasus, and any
number of other things…

STONE and LIGHT each turning to look at SABRE, a mix of surprise and alarm, as SABRE passes out. It’s more a comic beat than a traumatic one.

5. CAPTION/West: “…it all came to be accounted, as one might