WEST scratches at his beard, looking at GISELLE, thoughtful.

GISELLE is as before, leaning forward, fixing him with a brooks-no-nonsense look.

1. WEST: So where would you like I should begin, then?

2. GISELLE: Her Ladyship, for a start.

3. STEPH/off: Fresh from the oven

GISELLE straightens as STEPH lays a BOARD on the table with a STEAMING loaf of bread fresh from the oven, a pot of butter, and a slab of cheese. In her other hand, she’s setting a MUG in front of GISELLE.

WEST is gazing up at her with the honest love of a man who is always hungry and is about to eat well.

4. STEPH: …with honey-butter and a slab of that Fueille stink that lot call cheese.
5. STEPH: And a mug of the cold-chaser for your friend.

6. WEST: Marry me.

STEPH turns away, grinning. WEST is grinning again.

7. STEPH: You cannae afford to keep me, Westfield Thane.

GISELLE draws WEST’S attention back.

8. GISELLE: Eyes off her stern, eh?
9. GISELLE: You were about to say.

WEST tears himself a chunk of the bread, settling in. He’s going to tell a story.

10. WEST: Aye, Lady Sabre and her whereabouts, for a start.
11. WEST: She took Payne’s steel to her gut, you remember