New angle, WEST and GISELLE, at the table.

WEST is taking up his mug.

1. WEST: It’s a temporary arrangement, only.

2. GISELLE: Is that from the Captain herself, then?
3. GISELLE: Because she’s been hard to see and harder to hear
these past months.

WEST sitting back, maybe tipping his seat — which is impressive, considering how big he is and how the chair maybe wasn’t built for this kind of stress.

GISELLE is grumpy.

4. WEST: Ah, so that’s the stinger in your behind, is it?

5. GISELLE: One of many, Mister Thane.

6. WEST: Out with it, then.

On GISELLE, jerking a thumb over her shoulder to indicate outside of the tavern.

7. GISELLE: There’s a line of hopeful sparks near down to
Coddle Street outside, you know?
8. GISELLE: All a-hoping to be sailing with our Lady-Captain to
fortune and glory.

Now GISELLE leans forward to WEST, not angry as much as frustrated, annoyed.

9. GISELLE: We’ve got a ship that barely floats in water, Maker
alone knows if she’ll take Aether…
10. GISELLE: …a Captain who’s seen fit to share little of her

On GISELLE, more intent. Curious and frustrated.

11. GISELLE/small: …and a question of a map that the Smoke was
most eager to make his own and where that now
might be.