Interior of the Hope & Anchor tavern. It’s low-ceilinged, smoke-stained, warm, and old. Wood so burnished it’s practically turned black. Only detail of note — and we’ll not see it yet — is the “only true portrait of the Rose” that hangs on the wall by the bar; it’s a small painting of a very pretty, somewhat ethereal, dark-haired young woman. The interior is described in the guidebook as “smoke-stained walls and peeling plaster.”

A FIRE is crackling in the fireplace.

WEST is sitting at a table to a side, facing the door. He’s got a QUILL and an INKPOT on his table, and a STACK of PAPER, and another stack of paper on the floor beside his chair. He’s currently taking a MUG OF GROG from the fetching serving wench, STEPH, who knows better than to get involved with sailors.

1. STEPH: Should warm your insides right up, Mister West.

2. WEST: Oh, I can think of a few things other that’d keep me
warm, Miss Stephanie.

Angle, STEPH is sashaying back towards the bar with a grin as WEST turns to watch her go, likewise smiling — he likes the looks of her, no doubt.

GISELLE is entering in the BG, ducking beneath a beam as she comes through the door.

3. STEPH: Like as not, you’d leave me broken-hearted, you
old salt.
4. STEPH: Have some fresh goods coming out the oven…

GISELLE pulls out a chair at West’s table, as WEST turns to greet her. STEPH is disappearing into the back.

5. STEPH/small: …we’ll see if they keep you as sweet.

6. WEST: Giselle.
7. WEST: You seen her?

GISELLE, now seated, and WEST. GISELLE is pulling a sour face as she pushes up the brim of her hat. WEST seems unworried.

8. GISELLE: Oh, aye, I seen her, Westfield Thane.
9. GISELLE: She that once was called Caprice is no Pegasus, you
can be assured.