New location, harborside on the Glory, maybe a couple miles downriver from where we just were with Caprice — the mix of buildings that serve the sailors and the industry here. Warehouses, shops, shacks, kiosks, and a TAVERN — the ANCHOR & HOPE. This is the tavern where Windsheer interviewed Oswald Grant in the Pocket Guide, for the record.

There’s a QUEUE of men and women — mix ethnicities, please — lining up outside the TAVERN. We’re not close enough to really make them out in this shot, as it’s establishing, but for the record they’re a mixed bunch of tars, varying in age — some quite young, some clearly more seasoned salts, as they say. Some look like they’ve spent their lives at sea, others like they’ve never set foot on a deck.

1. TAILLESS/small: …you get it, then?
2. TAILLESS/small: —and grand adventure and all the grog—
3. TAILLESS/small: —be full-up by the time we gets a turn
4. TAILLESS/small: …be sailing with her, that could make a man
5. TAILLESS/small: …gold and emeralds and…
6. TAILLESS/small: …no experience necessary, they said…

GISELLE makes her way past the line of SAILORS in the QUEUE. She’s got her head down. Her cigarillo is almost done. Hands in her pockets. She’s grumpy. Some of the folks in the QUEUE are watching her pass.

7. TAILLESS/small: …for the Rose and…
8. TAILLESS/small: …if’n there’s a war they…
9. TAILLESS/small: …never been to Aether before…

Along the QUEUE, some people leaning out of line to take a better look at GISELLE, as she flicks away her cigarillo, turning to cut in front of the line and enter the TAVERN.

10. TAILLESS/small: …that her, then?
11. TAILLESS/small: Ah, nah, she’s much taller, near seven feet…

GISELLE slams the door of the TAVERN behind her as she disappears inside. People react. That was loud.