This is long, long, loooong overdue. An update was owed to you guys months ago, quite literally, and I fell down on that, and for that I must apologize.

Gonna hit some points straight off:

  • The strip is not dead. We will be resuming.
  • I do not know exactly when that will be. My hope is after Thanksgiving.
  • The reason we have been silent is entirely on me.
  • The reason we have been silent is because Rick has no script (meaning: Rick has no script from me; Rick has script from someone else for something else that is going to be wonderful, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment).
  • Doc has a new child. That’s not related to the delay, but I wanted to make sure all of you knew that.
  • The reason we have been silent is entirely on me. I know I said this already. It’s worth repeating.
  • Yes, we are planning a second Kickstarter campaign for Volume 2. I am as terrified of it as you are.
  • We will not launch said campaign until we have the regular strip here back on track.
  • When we do launch the second Kickstarter campaign, we will be using a fulfillment service to avoid the substantial delays we encountered in fulfilling orders with the first one.
  • You may have now noticed the repetition of the word “delay” in this. That should tell you something about my life.

OK, going to try a “below the cut” thing here for those of you interested in a longer explanation…

Book One of Lady Sabre is all-but over. What Rick has been waiting for the Epilogue to this tale. I have no written this yet, not because I don’t know what I’m going to write (I do — Doc and Rick and I have discussed it at length, and it’s pretty much been “beated-out” as they say, for a while, now) but rather because I haven’t had a damn second to catch my breath.

I’m going to be very honest, here. This is not meant to be me moaning, and I sincerely hope you guys won’t take it as such; rather, I want to be clear as to what our collective (and individual) position is with regard to this webcomic.

Lady Sabre is a labor of love for Doc, Rick, and myself. It does not pay the bills. It barely pays anything. The profit on the Kickstarter was such that, if we were to take the money we had leftover after all the fulfillment of orders, etc, and then divide that money by, say, hours of labor we’ve put into the strip, I suspect we’d come up with a figure of roughly ten cents/hour. That likely reads as hyperbole, and it may be… but if it is, it’s not by much.

Because of this, all three of us are obligated to take work that pays the bills. Doc corrupts teaches young minds.  Rick draws pretty much anywhere he can for anyone who’ll pay him. And I’m honestly very fortunate, in that I somehow remain in relative demand, and have multiple titles I’m juggling at any given moment.

When I say the delays here are my fault, I mean it — Rick cannot draw the strip if I don’t give him a script to draw. Doc cannot edit a script, if there’s no script to edit. And much as I would like to be writing Lady Sabre, its publishing deadline is fluid compared to the monthlies that I’m working on, and due to a variety of reasons (some within my control, others not), I’ve been far, far behind for the better part of three months now.

I am slowly digging out. My hope is to be back on top of my work post Thanksgiving.

My hope is also that we’ll resume our publishing then, as well.

We will begin Book Two in short order after concluding the Epilogue of Book One. I feel it important to share this because many of you are likely to appear, in some fashion, in Book Two, as part of Kickstarter rewards you may have contributed towards. You will all have your day in the sun. Or at least, all of you will have your day at the end of Rick’s stylus/upon his Cintiq.

For those of you who have likenesses appearing in Book Two, or will have character input, we will be in touch with you regarding these things in the next six to eight weeks, I should think. If your contact information has changed since the Kickstarter campaign ended, please make a point of updating that information at Kickstarter, or dropping us a line here.

Finally, I want to say that, yes, it’s a free strip, yes, it’s a labor of love, yes, all of that… but I don’t honestly feel that excuses my lack of communication. You all have my apologies for staying silent so long. I appreciate, more than you know, those of you who continue to stick with us. For those of you who’ve had enough, I can only say, I entirely understand. Hopefully, we’ll have you back some day.

Still trying to hold fast,