Screen 1

Angle from a nearby rooftop, overlooking the pier. STONE and LIGHT are perched in silhouette.

Past them, we can see DRAKE, DRUM, WEST, CALLOW, BURLEY, FARROW, and PAYNE on the pier, small figures. DRAKE has PAYNE in irons, turning him away, as DRUM finishes putting IRONS on BURLEY and CALLOW.

STONE is munching something from a sack.

1. STONE: What crnch you figure he’s smch a-saying?

Reverse on STONE and LIGHT. STONE is shoving another handful of NUTS into her mouth.

LIGHT is watching intently, grinning. He so wants to be Miles Drake when he grows up. He’s wearing DRUM’S BADGE on his jacket.

2. LIGHT: Reckon—

3. STONE: Hah! “Reckon!”

4. LIGHT: —the Marshal is making arrests to take them all back to the Tanitin.

Angle on the PIER, so we can see LIGHT and STONE in silhouette on the rooftop.

In the FG, WEST and DRUM have started moving Payne, Callow, and Burley away. FARROW has begun to move, but DRAKE has stopped him.

5. STONE: And Mister Farrow?

6. LIGHT: He’ll let him go.

7. STONE: He’ll a-what?

Looking at LIGHT and STONE. LIGHT is speaking to STONE. STONE is still watching the action below, delighted.

8. LIGHT: Someone’s got to tell the Smoke how it all went wrong.

9. STONE: Oh, Mister High-and-Mighty Farrow’ll feel that!

10. STONE: I just eat this up with a spoon, I swear.

On STONE, with her BAG OF NUTS. A HAND is coming in from above, to reach into the sack.


Screen 2

SABRE, standing behind STONE and LIGHT, both now craning around to look at her. She’s soaking wet, one hand over the wound in her side. But she’s got a handful of nuts, and a smile.

1. SABRE: I know how you feel.

On SABRE, wincing as she sits between them.

2. SABRE: Mind if I just…
3. SABRE: …sit with you both a while?

Pulling back.

SABRE, STONE, and LIGHT on the ROOFTOP, watching.

DRAKE, DRUM, and WEST leading PAYNE, CALLOW, and BURLEY in one direction.

FARROW running like the coward he is in the other.

4. SABRE: It’s been a very long day….