CALLOW, BURLEY, and FARROW’S GUNS, all splashing into the river.


DRUM is moving forward, for PAYNE, as DRAKE speaks. DRUM is slinging his RIFLE as he goes.

WEST is still covering the group.

1. DRAKE: Darius Payne, I am arresting you for murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, corrupting a public official, bribery…

DRUM is putting IRONS on PAYNE’S wrists.

PAYNE has clenched his jaw, glaring.

2. DRAKE/off: …and a host of other charges of which I am certain you are acquainted.

3. PAYNE: I have powerful friends, Marshal.

DRUM has pushed PAYNE towards DRAKE. DRAKE is non-plussed.

4. DRAKE: Not as many as you once did, I think.
5. DRAKE: I hear tell the Smoke doesn’t cotton much to failure.