Two-shot, FARROW and PAYNE. FARROW is considering, has again relaxed his aim.

PAYNE is getting bored.


PAYNE starts to move, but FARROW puts his aim back to him, stopping him.

1. PAYNE: If you don’t mind, Ethan, I’d like to get out of these wet clothes—

2. FARROW: You’ll not move.

PAYNE, reasonable, appealing to FARROW.

3. PAYNE: Ethan, the matter is ended.

4. FARROW: But you had the map in hand, Darius, and you lost it.
5. FARROW: And now you shall report as much to the Smoke.

Two-shot, profiles, FARROW facing PAYNE.

The barrel of a GUN has entered panel, behind FARROW, pointing at the back of his head.

FARROW is reacting.

6. PAYNE: I shall reserve that pleasure for you, I think, Ethan.

7. SFX/off: chak