FARROW is getting angry. PAYNE is almost nonchalant.

2. FARROW: I’ll feed lead to your thoughts! I want that map

FARROW thumbing the HAMMER back on his PISTOL, now level with PAYNE’S FOREHEAD.

PAYNE is now smiling.

3. FARROW: —hand it over!

4. PAYNE: The map is gone, Ethan.

PAYNE, smirking.

5. PAYNE: Like the Lady Captain.

FARROW reacting. Not sure what to make of this.

PAYNE waiting for him to do the math.

6. FARROW: Sabre is dead?

7. PAYNE: An unfortunate injury prevented her abandoning ship in time.

8. FARROW: But the map…?

PAYNE, and now his own frustration is more evident.

9. PAYNE: It fell to the burning hold before the ship blew apart.
10. PAYNE: Scattered like so much ash.
11. PAYNE: Each of us has nothing for our efforts.