PAYNE has pulled himself onto the pier, now, straightening up.

FARROW is covering him with the pistol. FARROW is barely keeping control of his fury.

1. PAYNE: Do you mean to shoot me here, Ethan?
2. PAYNE: Or make your murder of me somewhere less public?

FARROW has moved his aim, relaxing. Like most cowards, he’s rather thrilled with this moment of power and thus is relaxing.

3. FARROW: Were it to my mind, Darius, this would suffice.
4. FARROW: We have shadow and darkness and activity enough on the water that I am confident we would not be seen.

FARROW readjusts his aim on PAYNE.

PAYNE is straightening up.

5. FARROW: The map, if you please.
6. FARROW: Or shall I take it from your corpse?

PAYNE. He’s enjoying saying this, if only because it’s sticking a thumb in Farrow’s eye.

7. PAYNE: I don’t have it, Ethan.