Screen 1

On the FIRE TEAM CAPTAIN, shouting through the TRUMPET.

1. CAPTAIN: Abandon ship!
2. CAPTAIN: That featherwood fire reaches the magazine

Back on PEGASUS deck, SABRE watching PAYNE. PAYNE still has his back to her, still has his sword in hand, but lowered. Shoulders rounded, defeated.

3. CAPTAIN/off: —you’ll be blown clear to the Fueille!

4. SABRE: What say you, Mister Payne?

PAYNE in FG, facing us, SABRE behind him, speaking. She’s won, and she knows it.

PAYNE’S expression is grim.

5. SABRE: Do we finish in fire

Stet, but PAYNE has raised his head. His expression is murderous.

Past him, SABRE has half-turned away, indicating/looking towards the fire ships.

6. SABRE: …or will you accept the offered salvation?

7. PAYNE: Put like that, m’lady Captain…

Screen 2

PAYNE spins and stabs SABRE in the side.

1. PAYNE: …I’ll take my leave!