Screen 1

SABRE has backed away from PAYNE, sword pointed in a more relaxed manner, as PAYNE scrambles to his feet. PAYNE still has his SWORD in hand, but held down, as if defeated.

1. SABRE: A restrained choice

From the water. TWO FIRE SHIPS are racing towards PEGASUS, angling their water cannons to begin dousing the ship.

We can see the FIRES glowing below decks.

SABRE and PAYNE are small figures amidst the smoke and glow on deck.

2. SABRE: …surprisingly wise of you.


On one of the FIRE SHIPS as it begins dousing PEGASUS from its WATER CANNON. The WATER CANNON is manned by a crew. These tars should be pretty rough and tough looking.

There’s a FIRE TEAM CAPTAIN shouting at PEGASUS from one of the FIRE SHIPS. S/he’s got a SPEAKING TRUMPET raised, using it to call out.

4. CAPTAIN: Ye mad two!
5. CAPTAIN: Jump to the water

Wide shot, both FIRE SHIPS are spraying PEGASUS.

SABRE and PAYNE as before.

6. CAPTAIN: —we’ll see you safe!