Screen 1

SABRE lunges and PAYNE barely manages to parry aside. This forces PAYNE back, further from the MAP CASE on the deck.

1. SABRE: You are, of course, free to disembark at any time.

SABRE attacks again, now swiping at PAYNE’S head from the opposite side. PAYNE is still retreating, and again barely manages to parry in time.

2. SABRE: Provided that you are willing to depart—

We now see that Sabre’s attacks have allowed her to advance over the MAP CASE, so that it is now on the deck just behind her BOOT.

PAYNE is reacting as she KICKS the MAP CASE back, towards us (or alternately, further away from PAYNE).

3. SABRE: —without what you came for!

4. PAYNE: Blast you!

Screen 2

PAYNE charges at SABRE, swinging wildly. She is parrying and side-stepping at once.

1. PAYNE: Witch

FLAMES are eating through the DECK, the MAP CASE rolling towards them, and PAYNE is leaping with one hand outstretched, the other holding his SWORD, to grab it before it reaches the fire.

If you can get SABRE in this, she’s spun around, still en garde, to see Payne’s desperate attempt.

2. PAYNE: —no it’s mine

PAYNE’S outstretched hand, and the CASE, now surrounded by FLAMES. The DECK has been eaten through in part, and we can see boards have fallen away, revealing the inferno below.

3. PAYNE: —it’s mine!!!