Back on the deck of the Pegasus.

SABRE and PAYNE have been fighting for a while now, and it’s turned to the serious — hair mussed, sweating, and each of them is bleeding from cuts:

SABRE with a slash to her left upper arm that has split her sleeve and a wound to her right abdomen that has bled into her shirt.

PAYNE has blood running from a slash to his cheek, and has one hand covering a wound at his right shoulder that is bleeding through his fingers.

PAYNE is growing desperate, and scared.

The MAP CASE is on the deck between them.

1. PAYNE: You would see us both dead!

2. SABRE: No, sir, not I.

PAYNE slashes at SABRE, who parries.

3. PAYNE: Aye, Captain, you!

PAYNE cuts at SABRE again, forcing her back.

4. PAYNE: Your pride will kill us both!

The MAP CASE on the DECK. PAYNE has moved closer to it.

5. PAYNE/above: It will cost you your ship