Drake and Drum standing on the pier, still looking out towards the water.

PEOPLE are beginning to rush out of the nearby buildings. The alarm is being raised.

1. TAILLESS: Fire!
2. TAILLESS: Fire on the Glory!

Reverse, past DRAKE and DRUM, looking out over the river, to the PEGASUS. She’s burning, smoke pouring from below-decks, now, and FLAMES beginning to glow off the water.

We can see activity on the river, as well — crews rushing to their ships, to get them away, as well as the first of the FIRE SHIPS beginning to arrive.

3. TAILLESS: Crews to your ships!
4. TAILLESS: She’s a gunner, she’ll blow!
5. TAILLESS: —fire ships coming

6. WEST/off: She off the ship?

WEST now stands between DRAKE and DRUM. All are watching Pegasus, off, past us.

7. DRAKE: Seems her Ladyship is still altercating with Mister Payne.