Afternoon, all!

Eric here. I’ve been remiss in letting you know that we’re a bit behind in posting, though I’m sure you’ve noticed. We’ve been busy as bees over the past few weeks, and I’ve also been remiss in letting you know that Rick and I will be in Kansas City this weekend for Planet Comicon.

Rick has copies of the Lady Sabre book with him! Now that we’ve at long last fulfilled the Kickstarter orders, we have some copies of the book left to sell. So, if you’re in KC, drop by and see us. Rick will be happy to put his John Hancock on the title page for you (and I will too, though you’re under no obligation to have me sully your book with my autograph!).

Stay tuned for more con news as Greg heads to Emerald City, also with books in hand. And also stay tuned for how you might procure a copy of Lady Sabre Volume I without tracking us down at a comic convention!