Screen 1

POV from the GENTLEMAN RIFLEMAN, staring down his SIGHTS at the shadow (PAYNE) beginning to emerge from below decks.

1. PAYNE: Myron!

On PAYNE, emerging onto the deck, MAP CASE in one hand, triumphant.

2. PAYNE: Myron, hold your fire

On THE GENTLEMAN RIFLEMAN, high in the rigging, raising his head from where he’s been staring down the sights.

3. PAYNE/below: —I’ve got it!

Screen 2
This is one of those angles you’re gonna hate me for, Rick. I’m imagining this as a high angle, with THE GENTLEMAN RIFLEMAN beneath us, and then angled towards the STERN of the ship. We can make out PAYNE on the deck, still gazing with smug satisfaction at the CASE in his hand.

SABRE is swinging herself over the stern railing on the poop deck.

The FIRE burning below is reflected off the water, glowing. Smoke is rising. The Pegasus is dying.

1. PAYNE: It’s mine

On PAYNE, smugly satisfied, the CASE in his hand. Past him, we can see the poop deck, the ship’s WHEEL, and SABRE’s shape resolving, her sword in hand. She’s taking hold of a free rope with one hand — yeah, you can see what’s coming.

4. PAYNE/small: …I’ve won.
5. PAYNE: I’ve won!