Outside the Captain’s Cabin, the FLAMES have certainly spread, but not yet the inferno it was within.

PAYNE is whipping off his coat.

1. TAILLESS/cabin: *koff* Pull!

2. TAILLESS/cabin: Ah it burns—

PAYNE is throwing his coat over the BURNING MAP CASE on the deck.

3. TAILLESS: —burns *kof kaff kof*

PAYNE, sweating, lit by the fire, the zealous madness on his face, the expression of glee as he lifts the CHARRED and SMOLDERING MAP CASE in one hand.

4. TAILLESS/wobble: *kof kof*
5. TAILLESS/wobble: *kaf*

6. PAYNE: M’lady…

PAYNE, looking over his shoulder at the inferno that’s now consumed the captain’s cabin, beginning to spill out, as he heads for the deck. Triumphant, the CASE in hand.

7. TAILLESS/wobble/fade: *kaf kaf*

8. PAYNE: …it’s been a pleasure.