The fire is spreading; the MAP CASE has fallen to the deck, where it’s now rolling, in flames.

1. PAYNE/above: Beaufort! Barclay!

PAYNE attacking SABRE, slicing at her head, trying to force her back to give Beaufort and Barclay a chance to get the MAP CASE.

FLAMES are now climbing the walls, spreading quickly; the aft of the cabin, where the gallery windows have been shattered, is now consumed in flames. The heat is intense.

2. PAYNE: With haste, gentlemen—

SABRE has parried, and now she and PAYNE are in lock, their blades crossed. PAYNE now tries to shove SABRE back into the BURNING BOOKSHELF.

PAYNE is desperate, angry — he will kill.

3. PAYNE: —with all haste!!!