Screen 1

It’s too much for PAYNE to bear. He lunges forward, freeing his hand from inside his coat and revealing a HANDLE not unlike the one Sabre herself uses, the BLADE of the RAPIER snapping out.

The GUNMEN are all surging forward.

1. PAYNE: The case

PAYNE’S BLADE slices the BACK of SABRE’S GUN HAND, and she loses the PISTOL.

2. PAYNE/off: —save the case!!!

SABRE snarling, BLOOD on the back of her hand as she brings her SWORD out.

3. SABRE: The case is lost already, Mister Payne—

Screen 2

SABRE, her SWORD out, knocking away PAYNE’S slash, KICKS over the MAP TABLE.

The GUNMEN in the way are leaping back, trying to avoid the flames.

1. SABRE: —and soon too the ship!

FLAMING OIL splashes as the TABLE hits the deck, spattering the cabin — as well as BARCLAY and CALLOW, setting their clothes on FIRE.


3. CALLOW: Maker—

CALLOW and BARCLAY, their clothes starting to burn, as BURLEY and BEAUFORT recoil. CALLOW and BARCLAY are turning to the stern windows, CALLOW already rushing for them.

4. CALLOW: —Maker ahhh—