Screen 1

SABRE staring at the CASE, as if lost in thought. PAYNE and the others, unsure, ready to move.


SABRE looks to PAYNE, the CASE held as before.

1. SABRE: I’ve reached a decision.
2. SABRE: It will interest you.

She points the PISTOL at PAYNE.

3. SABRE: I am speaking, Mister Payne. Interrupting would be quite rude.
4. SABRE: If your men move, sir, I shall shoot you, are we clear?

Stet previous, but PAYNE sits back. Still with that hand in his coat.

5. PAYNE: Perfectly.

6. SABRE: Good.
7. SABRE: My decision, as I said…

Screen 2

SABRE, pistol still pointed at PAYNE, uses the MAP CASE in her other hand to TOPPLE the LANTERN on the MAP TABLE.

OIL spills, igniting INSTANTLY.

1. SABRE: …is this—

The TABLE is burning. SABRE drops the MAP CASE into the rising flames, where it catches almost instantly.

PAYNE and the GUNMEN are shocked.

2. SABRE: —that no one shall have it!