SABRE looks back to PAYNE again.

1. SABRE: You have no answer, Mister Payne?

2. PAYNE: I serve, m’Lady. It is not the place of a servant to question, as you know.

SABRE holds up the CASE, looking at it. Thinking. Or pretending to think.

3. SABRE: The Smoke is not the only one who wants this power.
4. SABRE: The Hollern Regent covets it.
5. SABRE: No doubt Queen Jenny of the Fueille, as well.

Past the CASE in SABRE’S hand, to SABRE.

Her expression is now more distant, more troubled. Touched with a sorrow, perhaps.

6. SABRE: And of course my beloved Rose eternal….

PAYNE glances to the side, the GUNMEN shifting forward, everyone poised.