Screen 1

Wide, of the cabin. SABRE speaking as much to PAYNE as to the others.

1. SABRE: My task was to deliver it unto the Rose.
2. SABRE: But I wonder, who are you to deliver it to, Mister Payne?

On PAYNE, crossing his arms across his chest — and slipping one hand inside his coat as he does so.

3. PAYNE: I believe your Ladyship knows the answer to that already.

SABRE looks to the LANTERN. A thin WISP of SMOKE is escaping the glass.

Her expression is more somber.

4. SABRE: Indeed.

SABRE still staring at the LANTERN, as PAYNE watches her. The GUNMEN are exchanging looks — is this our chance?

PAYNE as before.

5. SABRE: And what would the Smoke do with it, I wonder.
6. SABRE: Sell it to the highest bidder? Set the great nations one against the other?
7. SABRE: Or simply keep it for himself

On PAYNE’S hand, beginning to withdraw from his COAT — he’s holding something.

8. SABRE/off: …and seek to expand his considerable power?