SABRE addressing PAYNE and the others — but primarily PAYNE.

She’s holding the MAP CASE, taking a look at it as much as showing it to him.

1. SABRE: You came for this. Or, to be more precise, its contents.
2. SABRE: The map, in fact.

On SABRE. She’s curious.

3. SABRE: Do you know what it is?

PAYNE, flanked by whoever you want to flank him with, Rick.

4. PAYNE: It is a map of the future.
5. PAYNE: It tells of the coming storms.

SABRE agreeing.

6. SABRE: Indeed. What lands will survive, what lands will be remade.
7. SABRE: Who lives, and the untold millions who might perish.
8. SABRE: Whoever holds the map might decide the very fate of the Sphere.