SABRE is rising from the couch, PISTOL still leveled at PAYNE.

PAYNE’S nice-guy act is evaporating, the smile gone.

1. SABRE: Drop it, sir, I shall not warn you again.

PAYNE drops his HAT and PISTOL.

2. PAYNE: I have four men at my back, Lady Sabre.
3. PAYNE: You cannot take us all.

SABRE smiles. Hans said very much the same thing not terribly long ago.

4. SABRE: Take you? I shouldn’t know what to feed you, let alone where to keep you all.
5. SABRE: As for your men

Outside the cabin, CALLOW, BURLEY, BARCLAY, and BEAUFORT (geez… lot of ‘B’ names, guys. Next time we do a poll to name characters, mix it up some more, okay?) are all exchanging looks.

6. SABRE/inside: …it’s your life they dice with, Mister Payne.