Screen 1

Stet, but PAYNE has shifted slightly, and is now KNOCKING on the doorframe with his free hand.

1. SFX: nok nok nok

2. PAYNE: Might I come in, m’Lady?

SABRE, as before, PISTOL still leveled, now pointed at PAYNE.

PAYNE is removing his hat with his free hand, a proper gentleman.

3. SABRE: I am undecided.

4. PAYNE: And what would aid your decision?

5. SABRE: Your name, for a start.

PAYNE, introducing himself, a slight bow.

6. PAYNE: Darius Payne, m’Lady.
7. PAYNE: A devoted admirer.

SABRE. Amused, though quietly so.

8. SABRE: A great many of my admirers have come to me armed, this is true.
9. SABRE: Yet I believe you are false, Mister Payne. I think you come not for my company

Screen 2

SABRE holds up the MAP CASE in her other hand a little higher, making certain PAYNE can see it.

1. SABRE: …but rather for this.

On PAYNE. He cannot hide the look on his face, in his eyes — that’s the prize, right there in her hand.


New angle, wide of the cabin, PAYNE just inside, SABRE still on the couch. We can see the MAP TABLE, the other furnishings, including the LANTERN on the table, etc.

PAYNE is bowing slightly. He’s using the opportunity to move his HAT across his body, in an attempt to conceal his pistol behind it.

2. PAYNE: Believe me when I say, Lady Sabre, were it for anything else, you would accuse me falsely.
3. PAYNE: Sadly, in this instance, I am guilty as you charge