Screen 1

Past BURLEY, as he rushes into the Captain’s Cabin.

SABRE is seated on the stern bench, legs crossed, one arm draped along the back of the couch, holding the MAP CASE in that hand. In her other is her PISTOL, which she is pointing at BURLEY.

1. SABRE: It is considered impolite to enter a lady’s chambers without permission.

Looking down the barrel to SABRE, holding the PISTOL leveled at Burley. She smiles, but it’s not a nice smile. She’s not a happy lady.

2. SABRE: One should knock at the very least.

Screen 2

Past SABRE, so we have the view, BURKLEY holding in the doorway, PAYNE and CALLOW just visible beyond him.

BURLEY is starting to raise his WEAPON.

1. SABRE: *tsk*
2. SABRE: That weapon comes to bear, sir, and your reward shall be a two-ounce ball of lead bouncing about within your skull.

On BURLEY. This is hard. He doesn’t know what to do. He is also blocking the doorway, and he knows this.

PAYNE — thankfully for Burley — is stepping forward, extending a hand to touch Burley’s shoulder.

3. PAYNE: Step aside, Sarge.

PAYNE takes Burley’s place in the doorway. He has his pistol in his hand, still, but it’s not pointed at anything or anyone. He has a slight smile.