The GENTLEMAN RIFLEMAN in the FG, starting to ascend the MAINMAST.

Past him, PAYNE and the others are gathered. All are readying weapons.

1. PAYNE/small: Now, attend and attend with care, gentlemen.


On PAYNE, speaking, very serious — he wants this clear.

2. PAYNE/small: Our objective is the map for our Master.

3. PAYNE/small: Nothing less shall suffice.


PAYNE looks to BARCLAY. BARCLAY isn’t so much eager as he’s a little slow and wants to be clear on this.

4. BARCLAY/small: And for the Lady Captain?

5. PAYNE/small: We shall hope, for her sake, that she knows when she is outmatched, friend Barclay…


PAYNE removes a very elegant and lethal-looking pistol from beneath his well-tailored coat.

6. PAYNE/small: …otherwise, Lady Sabre’s spirit shall be made separate from her lovely body.