Screen 1


SABRE now stands, looking out the gallery windows. Past her, we can see it’s full night — Shera’s lights twinkling in the distance, with an inky darkness spreading. Fog is beginning to roll in.

Sabre has changed a bit — dressed down, no vest, just her dueling shirt and trousers. She’s doing something with her hands, we can’t yet see what. Her sword hilt is at her hip.



Reverse previous, and we see that she is LOADING a PISTOL.



Pulling back, so we’re outside the stern, looking in. SABRE smaller.

We can see a FIGURE on our left, the ship’s port side, scaling the side of the vessel. BURLEY, rifle strapped to his back.

Screen 2


And now a full reveal, looking at PEGASUS at night, at anchor, from the stern. SABRE is a small figure silhouetted in the gallery windows of her cabin.

To the PORT, we can see TWO SMALL BOATS have rowed into position. BURLEY has completed his climb, and CALLOW and BARCLAY are following him up, while PAYNE prepares to mount the ladder next.

BEAUFORT holds the ship in position, and THE GENTLEMAN RIFLEMAN waits his turn.