Long shot, SABRE on DECK at the railing, watching as WEST rows away in a dinghy towards the pier.

The sun is now setting. Lots of pretty colors because, you know, pollution in the Shera sky.


POV shot, CALLOW’S LENSES as per last chapter. WEST with his back to us in the dinghy, rowing in our direction.


POV shot, again CALLOW’S LESNSES, of SABRE on the deck, still at the railing. She’s starting to move, one hand still on the rail, the other brushing hair out of her face.


On CALLOW, half in the lengthening shadows of evening, as he stows his LENSES. He’s looking crafty.

1. CALLOW/small: That’s the last of the crew.

2. CALLOW/small: She’s alone.

Screen 2

Almost stet on CALLOW from the previous page, last panel, but PAYNE is emerging from the shadows behind him, tugging on one of his gloves.

He looks pleased.

1. PAYNE: Ah, then we must give her our company, mustn’t we, Mr. Callow?

2. PAYNE: No lady should have to pass an evening in solitude.

PAYNE turns his head slightly, as the rest of the GUNMEN now become visible past him — BARCLAY, BEAUFORT, THE GENTLEMAN RIFLEMAN, and BURLEY.

All have their weapons. All are looking to do wicked business.

3. PAYNE: Let us wait until the evening has made its full descent.

4. PAYNE: Then we shall share the pleasure of our company with Lady Sabre.