Evening on the Glory, looking at Pegasus at anchor. The sails are stowed. We can see the shape of WEST in his heavy topcoat moving along the deck, lighting LANTERNS here and there. We might see a glow from the captain’s cabin.



WEST in the FG, blowing out the TAPER he’s been using to light the LANTERNS.

Past him, coming up from below, is SABRE. She looks weary, but has a brave face on it.

1. SABRE: Go ashore, West.


WEST has turned to face SABRE. He’s frowning slightly. Doesn’t want to go.

She’s moved closer, smiling at him fondly. Less of her mask, more of her sincerity.

2. WEST: Ye sure you want to be alone tonight?

3. WEST: I’m feeling eyes on us something fierce, Captain.

4. SABRE: I’m sure.


SABRE gives WEST a light kiss on the cheek. WEST is a little touched, a little flustered. A little blush.

5. SABRE: Get your land-legs back, my friend.

6. SABRE: I’ll see you later.