Screen 1

Still close, as in previous day, last screen. FARROW looking at LIGHT. A pregnant moment. LIGHT is as before, earnest, helpful, honest.

FARROW might be a little suspcious.

1. FARROW: Do they?

2. LIGHT: What my sister heard, Mister Farrow, sir.


FARROW has straightened up. He’s decided.

LIGHT is looking a little relieved, now that FARROW isn’t looking at him.

3. FARROW: And Payne would do it without me, would he?

4. FARROW: Take the ship and the map and leave me holding my hat in hand.


FARROW flips two gold coins to LIGHT, who catches them, surprised.

5. FARROW: Well done, boy.

6. FARROW: Now vanish yourself before questions are asked…


LIGHT watching FARROW leave the alley.

7. FARROW/small: …I have preparations to make for tonight….

Day 33

Screen 2

On LIGHT, looking after Farrow. His expression is now quite serious. Did he buy it?

STONE is entering the panel from above, hanging upside down.

1. STONE: He bought the bit?

2. LIGHT: Reckon.


LIGHT looking at STONE, who is hanging upside down, looking at him, trying not to burst out


3. STONE: “Reckon?” Haw!

4. LIGHT: It’s a perfectly proper word.

5. STONE: Proper said by a Tanitin man.


LIGHT turning away from STONE, a slight, secret smile.

6. STONE: Which of you aren’t!

7. LIGHT: Not as yet, maybe…


LIGHT has pulled back his jacket — the opposite side from where he was showing the map tube to Farrow earlier, please! — to reveal…


8. LIGHT: …but I’m working on it….