Screen 1

FARROW thrusts out the MAP at us/LIGHT. He’s livid.

It’s a blank piece of parchment. Written on it, in Sabre’s hand, is:

x6 — finest unmentionables — Dawtons Elegant
x2 — best leather pants — Stout, Robinson, and Willard
x2 — blouses suitable for fencing — Saurant Armory
x2 — boots, in the style of riding — Griff & Holly, Ltd.

1. FARROW: Then what is this!?!

LIGHT has taken the paper and is reading it, gnawing his lower lip.

FARROW is distracted, worried, trying to figure out what to do, muttering to himself.

2. LIGHT: Think it’s her Ladyship’s shopping list, sir.

3. FARROW/small: She knew, she bloody well knew…

4. FARROW/small: …playing games with us, trying to trick us!