Exterior of the ARTIFICE CLUB, as FARROW comes outside. He’s hurriedly pulling on his topcoat,

glancing around, nervous.

LIGHT is moving to meet him.

1. LIGHT: Afternoon, guv’ner—


FARROW has grabbed LIGHT by the elbow, pulling him along after him. LIGHT is either surprised

by this, or doing a very good job of faking it.

2. LIGHT: —hold on, hey!


Angle in an alley, as FARROW drags LIGHT into the shadows.

3. LIGHT: Easy on, Mister Farrow, sir!

4. FARROW: Be silent, boy!


FARROW has pushed LIGHT against the wall and is hurriedly searching LIGHT’S pockets.

5. FARROW: Where is it? Where?

6. LIGHT: By my reckon, there’s some coin to be paid first—

7. FARROW: A-hah!


FARROW holding the MAP TUBE. He’s got a triumphant gleam in his eye.

8. FARROW: Play me for a fool, Mister Payne, will you?

9. FARROW: We shall see about that!