DRAKE leans forward, towards LIGHT, who is mirroring the gesture. STONE is reaching for yet another chunk of bread/cheese/meet, eyes wide, watching them both.

1. DRAKE: You’ve been speaking that your loyalty is open.
2. DRAKE: But I’m seeing that’s not the case.

3. LIGHT: We are mercenary in profession, not in person, sir.

DRAKE and LIGHT. LIGHT is actually a little touched by this, but he is, of course, trying to conceal that.

4. DRAKE: You’ve a sense of honor, son.
5. DRAKE: Something that’s never for sale.

DRAKE pulls his lapel back to reveal his BADGE.

6. DRAKE: I’m out of my territory, but I’ve need of a deputy for a task all the same.

LIGHT grins.

7. LIGHT: I would delight in it, Marshall, sir.