DRAKE leans back in his chair, fishing out his PIPE. DRUM is watching him.

1. DRAKE: So this Farrow, he and Payne share the same employ.
2. DRAKE: And who might that be, then?

Reverse, so we’re looking at STONE and LIGHT. STONE has stopped chewing, mouthful. She doesn’t want Light to say it.

LIGHT is looking at Drake evenly.

2. LIGHT: I should rather not say, sir.
3. LIGHT: Some things in Shera we do not discuss in open conversation.

DRAKE has filled his bowl, and is lighting the PIPE. He’s raising an eyebrow.

SMOKE is rising.

4. DRAKE: But something you see before you, perhaps?

STONE swallows, still wary.

LIGHT smiles slightly.

5. LIGHT: One sees it all around, sir.

DRAKE and DRUM exchanging a knowing look.

6. DRUM: Indeed.
7. DRUM: The air would be thick with it.