It’s a few minutes later. DRAKE, DRUM, LIGHT, and STONE are seated by the fire. There’s food on the table in front of them, and a pot of tea, and a mug of beer for DRAKE and DRUM both.

DRAKE and DRUM have removed their topcoats, to let them dry by the fire; both have also — gasp! — Removed their hats.

LIGHT and DRAKE and speaking seriously. DRUM is listening. STONE is stuffing her face with bread laden with butter.

1. DRAKE: Your sister says you claim no loyalty to Darius Payne, but are coined by another.
2. DRAKE: I’d know who, and in what fashion.

3. LIGHT: In truth, sir, our loyalty is bought and sold that we might survive.
4. LIGHT: But at the moment, the man who owns it is named Farrow, a certain Ethan Farrow

STONE is grabbing a chunk of cheese or meat or similar from the table, mouth still full of bread. She’s showering DRUM’S arm with crumbs as she speaks.

5. LIGHT: …who holds a secretarial position at the Ministry of Exploration.

6. STONE: Whatmphmakes him a traitor -chew- to the Rose -swallow- right?

DRAKE has cocked his head to speak to LIGHT, ignoring STONE.

DRUM is placidly brushing crumbs from his arm.

7. DRAKE: So the nugget was to clean our pockets and bring him the findings?

8. LIGHT: More specific than that, sir. We were directed to acquire a tube of the type that might hold a document or similar.
9. LIGHT: With admonishment that we on no account should attempt to regard its contents.

LIGHT, pouring himself a cup of tea as he speaks.

10. LIGHT: We were to be paid quite well for the service.