STONE, mollified. She’s looking down. Quieter. She knows she owes them, and she had to make it right. She may not have the word for it, but she understands honor.

1. STONE/small: And I’d been arm-deep in that tall one’s pocket, too.
2. STONE/small: What else was I ‘sposed to do, huh?

LIGHT looking at STONE. STONE still looking at the floor.


DRAKE and DRUM turning from the FIRE, as LIGHT approaches them.

3. LIGHT: I beg your pardon, gentlemen.
4. LIGHT: I needed that my sister explain the situation, which she has now done.

On LIGHT, with STONE past him. STONE is looking at him, surprised and adoring.

LIGHT is acting about 10 years older than he is. He’s being a man about this.

5. LIGHT: How may I repay the debt we owe you?