STONE is poking LIGHT in the chest. LIGHT is reacting, annoyed and a little surprised by her response.

1. STONE: Cork yer pie-hole, big brother!
2. STONE: Ye thinks I wanted to be bringing them here?
3. STONE: That tall one…

On DRAKE, who is now holding his hat in front of the fire. WATER is dripping from it, and and some STEAM is rising.

4. STONE/off: …he’s got eyes go all the way ‘round! And that other one…

DRUM, wringing out his sleeve in front of the fire.

5. STONE/off: …I’d trust his smile ‘bout same as I do my own!

Almost stet of panel one, STONE is up on tiptoe.

6. STONE: They done gone and caught me dead on, Light!
7. STONE: Then that cursed Constable Dickens comes a-strollin’ through the market and they gone and lied to him on my account.