LIGHT has closed his book, and now is looking up at DRAKE and DRUM, who are gazing down at him. DRAKE has the same taciturn expression as ever, and DRUM still has the gentle smile.

STONE is standing beside LIGHT, delighted, and expecting her brother to be just as delighted.

1. LIGHT: Gentlemen.
2. LIGHT: A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

LIGHT is now on his feet, passing between DRAKE and DRUM, dragging STONE by the hand after him.

3. LIGHT: If you’ll just excuse me for a moment while I speak with my sister.

4. STONE: Hey, don’t ye be pulling—

STONE reacting as LIGHT faces her, angry in the way that only a brother can be angry with a baby sister.

5. STONE/small: —me…?

6. LIGHT: What are ye doin’?!?

LIGHT indicates DRAKE and DRUM, who have moved closer to the fire in an attempt to dry off.

STONE is looking defensive and perhaps a little sheepish.

7. LIGHT: Ye was supposed to get the good and go, not be bringing the marks where we eat!