New angle, looking at the PUB SIGN hanging outside of Old Poogey’s. I’m imagining some sort of caricature of a drunken sailor, with a cask being poured into his waiting mouth.

1. CAPTION/Stone: “…and ye best try to keep up.”

2. STONE/small/off: …so ye can say that we’re not so much the thievin’ types as we are the adventurin’ types…

DRAKE and DRUM following STONE as she jabbers away, leading them towards the entrance of Poogey’s.

3. STONE: …and often enough I s’pose the hungerin’ types, as well and here we are, Poogey’s…

STONE pivots in front of the door, so she’s facing both of them. She’s cheerful, eager.

4. STONE: …my brother’s going to give up a kitten he sees you two, real Tanitin types, he’s gone and read everything about the Easterly and all…

Interior, Poogey’s.

It is a wonderful, warm, low-ceilinged, roaring-fireplaced tavern. Busy enough — sailors, traders, travelers all around, eating meals or being served drinks. It is, in fact, exactly what you would hope.

LIGHT is visible, legs drawn up as he sits on a BENCH by the FIREPLACE. He is, in fact, READING a small book.

DRAKE, DRUM, and STONE entering. STONE still jabbering away.

5. STONE: …stories and news and once he laid it in on an old Colonial ‘bout how ye should have independence and rights and he bored me to tears about it to tell the truth and…

New angle, LIGHT looking up, curious.

6. STONE/off: …Light look what I brought ye and straight from the Tanitin Easterly they are!